Flour Bluff High School is looking forward to providing a wonderful graduation experience for the Class of 2020. Below is important information on the how the commencement ceremony will take place and directions for entering the stadium. Mr. Crenshaw has also provided this information via a video, click here to view it.


(Click here for parking diagram)

    1. Graduates and their 2 guests arrive and park in designated parking area.
  • No more than two guests per graduate will be allowed in the stadium
  • Parking areas will not be open until 6 p.m.
  • Parking attendants, security staff and CCPD will direct parking.
  • A parking map will be communicated to all guests prior to graduation.
    1. There will be 2 parking areas, one for graduates whose last names begin with A-L and one for M-Z.
  • Handicap parking will be provided in each parking lot.
    1. Graduates and guests must park in designated areas only.
  • You are highly encouraged to arrive in one car with your graduate.
  • There will be only one entrance for each alpha group.

Stadium Entry

(Click here for stadium entry diagram)

    1. Each graduate and their guests must arrive at designated entrance to the field together.
    2. Prior to participating, individuals will be screened (via questioning) for any new or worsening signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19.
  • Those found with any signs or symptoms will be excluded from the activity
    1. All participants and guests are encouraged to wear a non-medical grade mask that fits over the nose and mouth, while in the stadium.
  • A maroon mask will be provided for each graduate.
    1. Once a guest leaves the stadium, they will not be allowed to re-enter.
    2. Graduates will be guided to their assigned seat on the field.
    3. Guests will be ushered to their assigned seats in the stands
    4. Each guest must take personal responsibility for maintaining social distance from others during the event
  • Entryways will be marked to help facilitate social distancing.

Guest Seating

(Click here for guest seating diagram)

  1. The stadium seats will be marked to indicate seating space for social distancing.
  2. Seating assignments cannot be optional due to COVID-19 social distancing protocols.
  3. Guests will be directed to their seats in a manner that allows for social distancing.
  4. Guests will not be allowed to leave their seats to take pictures or move closer to the graduates.
  5. Track seating is reserved for guests who need wheelchair access.

Graduate Seating

(Click here for graduate seating diagram)

    1. Graduates will be seated directly on the field.
  • Seats will be spaced in a manner that allows for social distancing as students walk up to the stage to receive their diploma.
  • Any cords or stoles will be sanitized and placed on your student’s chair.
  • Bottled water will be provided for each graduate.

Graduate Dress

    1. Current Texas Education Agency guidance does not allow for a graduation practice
  • Since there will be no practice, we will be counting on parents to make sure that their graduate is properly dressed and ready for the ceremony
  • a. Male Graduates
  • Proper shoes should be worn
  • No shorts
  • Slacks, khakis or nice jeans should be worn
  • Facial hair should be well groomed, clean shaven is preferable
  • Remember a life-long photo will be taken


  • b. Female Graduates
  • Make sure that shoes worn are comfortable and adequate for walking on the field and track
  • To prevent personal injury and damage to the turf field, pointed high heels may not be worn
  • No purses/bags will be allowed on the field
  • It would be a big help if you would assist in securing your student’s cap. We usually have staff to help, but we will not be able to help this year due to social distancing protocols.


  • c. All Graduates
  • Enter the stadium with graduation gown on
  • Make sure to bring cap and tassel
  • Graduates will not be allowed to leave the stadium for any forgotten items

The Ceremony

    1. Graduation programs will not be printed for distribution at the event.
    1. The number of platform guests will be scaled down per TEA guidelines.
    2. The top ten graduates will participate on stage.
  • Microphones and common surfaces will be sanitized between speeches.
  1. Students will be handed their diploma and a photo opportunity will be given with the principal implementing all Safety Guidelines issued by the state.
  2. Due to COVID-19, graduation caps cannot be thrown after the ceremony.
  3. At the end of the ceremony, a recessional will be held where each student will walk in front of their guests in the stands as they leave the stadium. (Click here for graduate recessional diagram)

Leaving The Stadium

(Click here for parent/guest departure diagram)

  1. After the ceremony, guests and graduates will be directed on how to exit the stadium.
  2. Graduates will leave the stadium first via a recessional. During this time, guests must remain seated.
  3. Graduates will be directed to return to their car and wait for their guests.
  4. Guests will leave in the opposite order in which they arrived via instructions given by staff.
  5. Once united, guests and graduates must promptly leave the parking lot.


  1. All staff will wear masks during the event.
  2. Any staff handling or passing documents to any other person, will be wearing gloves.
  3. All staff will adhere to 6 feet social distancing requirements.
  4. All staff will attest to COVID-19 screening.


Graduation will take place as scheduled unless severe weather or lightning create a safety hazard. Should this occur, district officials will make alternate plans and communicate those decisions.

Prohibited Items

  • Balloons
  • Large Bags or Backpacks
  • Firearms, knives, explosives or other weapons
  • Coolers or other containers except in cases of medical need as certified by a physician
  • Artificial noise makers, air horns or megaphones
  • Large signs, flags, poles, banners or laser pointers
  • Pets, except trained service animals
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the stadium, only bottled water will be allowed in the stadium


  • All media must present a media pass and check in with Kim Sneed
  • There will be a designated media area
  • The ceremony will be live streamed at https://youtu.be/KUuNRmnLGNc

Guest Needing Special Accommodations

The north home side/VIP gate will be designated for all wheelchair access. Guests in wheelchairs will enter through this gate.