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HS Choir TMEA Region/Pre-Area Results

TMEA Region/Pre-Area Choir auditions were held at Veterans Memorial HS this past weekend. This was the second of three rounds in the TMEA All-State Choir process. This is a two round audition with repertoire and sightreading skills being scored; and it selects region choir members and Area candidates to compete for state chairs. Only 20 girls per section and 15 boys per section score high enough to sing in the Region Concert this weekend (here at our auditorium) and 5 plus 2 alternates advance to Area auditions in January. Of all the participating high schools and student musicians across the region competing for those seats… we had 25 eligible to audition and of those 25… 21 are region choir members and alternates and 8 are area candidates and alternates! A very good day for the FBHS choirs!

REGION Choir Members

  • Soprano 1: Gabrielle Oller (alt.), Lisette Torres (alt.), Analeya Lester (alt.)
  • Soprano 2: Bricelynn Castillo, Montana Allen (alt), Paige Dwyer, Alaina Featherby
  • Alto 1: Agnes Garcia
  • Alto 2: Dayanara Underwood
  • Tenor 1: Luke Franz
  • Tenor 2: Andrew Biven
  • Bass 1: Abel Valdez Jr., Jack Winters

AREA Candidates and Alternates

  • Abbigayle Wiginton (4th Soprano 2), Katelynn Rumfield (2nd alt. to area Soprano 2)
  • Caitlyn Edwards (2nd Alto 2), Bailey Hutchison (1st alt. to area Alto 2)
  • Joshua Garcia (2nd Tenor 1), Jaylee Garcia (2nd alt. to area Tenor 1)
  • Hunter Henne (4th Bass 2), Nathan Skrobarczyk (5th Bass 2)

The area candidates now prepare for Area/State auditions on the first weekend of January- where they compete against the top 20 singers in their section from South San Antonio down to the RGV. It is also the first contest I will formally oversee as the new TMEA area vocal chair.

Their public concert is this weekend here at the HS auditorium (Friday is JH/MS – Small School Choir and Saturday is Region Treble – Large School Choir). We are hosting the region clinics and concerts in the auditorium this Friday and Saturday. Several hundred singers rehearsing all day and then over a thousand will attend the concerts this weekend. There is an admission fee but administrators are free with their IDs.