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Hornet Learning Academy finding flexible ways to ensure student success

The Hornet Learning Academy at Flour Bluff High School kicked-off this school year as a drop-out prevention program. The Hornet Learning Academy provides a flexible school day program so students who have dropped-out or at risk of dropping-out can successfully complete graduation requirements. Through program outreach, the Hornet Learning Academy has recovered drop-out students and re-enrolled students to assist them in completing the necessary course requirements to obtain a diploma.

“During the first couple of weeks of school, students are completing courses and well on their way to completing graduation requirements,” said Cindy Holder, program coordinator. “In fact, of the 21 students in the program, nine of the required courses have been completed.”

Flour Bluff High School Administrators are continuing to reach out to students who have recently dropped out via home visits. They work closely with the Flour Bluff High School counselors to identify students at risk of not completing the graduation requirements to earn a diploma.

“We’ve received positive feedback from families and students about beginning this drop-out recovery program at Flour Bluff ISD,” said Holder. “Without the Hornet Learning Academy, students leave the district to finish school in neighboring districts that offer an optional flexible school day program.”