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FBHS art students have artwork exhibited in the Agape Ranch Online Exhibition & Showcase

Each year, Flour Bluff High School art students participate in the annual art Contest and Exhibition for Agape Ranch, a foster family community, providing care and guidance to foster children and families in South Texas. Due to COVID -19, the contest was cancelled. However, an invitation was extended for students to showcase their artwork in an online exhibition, in lieu of the contest. Although the organization was expecting a high turnout, only a few were able to participate.

Of the participants, seven Flour Bluff High School art students committed to the project during this uncertain time and submitted eight pieces of artwork. Hats off to these students for their hard work and dedication.

The full Agape Ranch #FamilyLegacy Exhibition & Showcase, can be found at

Elizabeth Kemp – 12th Grade
“Birth of a Family”

Alyssa Kennett – 12th Grade
“After Weather the Storm”

Angela Liu – 12th Grade
“Iridescent Youth”

Kayla-Ann McKamie – 11th Grade
Grade “Family Heirloom”

Payden Mouritsen – 12th Grade
“Leaving the Woods”

Ioana Murgulet – 11th Grade
“Family isn’t who’s blood you carry, it’s who you love and who loves you back.”

Madison Stafford – 12th Grade
“ Healing”

Madison Stafford – 12th Grade
“ Friends for Life”